Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blog you to death!

One thing that's terribly obvious already...I'm going to be spending lots of time on the computer. We have a nice room...nice folks here...everything's going just as we had hoped and prayed and prayed and prayed. I know so many of you have been too and the Lord must be tired of hearing our name but we know its his doing. Words just can't express how much we appreciate each and every prayer, word of encouragment, card, hug, tear, gift, and so much more that you have done.

Right now its 1:35 am, Sunday morning, I think. Just got off the phone with Nene who called to tell me the OU score. Thanks but I already knew cause Big J called 20 minutes before that. That was a close one, I guess. Truth is, I was already up watching on mom's blackberry,,, and finally Iowa state's gametime ended up being the best source for quick refreshing stats. Go Sooners! Haven't gotten the laptop up and running yet so skype is not available. Mom's blackberry works just like at home tho, internet, calls...yeah...anytime day or its a real blessing to hear from you...and excellent quality.

All that said...all this time here with mom means I may be blogging you to not much else to do. Can't really go anywhere or look to do much for the first week or 10 days at least.

We met yesterday with Dr Malhan, a cardiologist, physical therapist, had x-rays, ekg, sonogram on her heart, blood tests for the surgery...there must've been more...needless to say I think all that would've taken days at home and we did it all between noon and about 8 pm last night.

All tests say, we're good to go. Wish I could sleep. Leave a note. I love to hear from you. Sorry about blogging you to death. I gotta remember to tell you about the Baptist pastor who was across the hall, having had the surgery 12 days ago and was going home. More about that some other time.

love you all for reading and praying,



Anonymous said...

This is my first time to leave a comment. Glad to read about everything that is going on. Sounds like things are going good. We will keep the two of you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't do to good on my first comment. I forgot to sign it. Loved hearing about what's going on. Keep us up to date.
Praying for you,
J&GB from Lakewood (not the big one)

Anonymous said...

I knew you were a night owl, but after all the travel, I'd think you could sleep!

Gander's won, probably already know that. Apparently some guy was so excited about an interception/touchdown, he hollered and his false teeth flew right out of his mouth! This story via M.Kramer! Sorry to have missed that...we left early.

So glad to hear the Dr. feels the resurfacing is the way to go and all tests are looking good as well. Really enjoy reading about all your experiences.

Love and prayers,
JH said...

We're praying that Kim has a very successful surgery! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kim,
Couldnt sleep was really tired. But now i know why. I needed to call and chat with yall. How many Yalls have you heard since your trip began. I tried to do the surgery online the link on the first blog. I got all the way to sewing the leg up and for the life of me couldnt get that darn needle to work. Guess Id better stick with drafting. Interesting. concept trying your own hand at it. really lets you realize what is going to happen. Tomorrow Im going walking in the wichita mnts. Going to have a meeting on the mountain (hills)
about praying and meditation with God praying only for his will and the power to carry that out. I know God is with me. I just dont know how Im still even alive waiting this long to realize hes there 24/7. I never knew my God like i do now. So tomorrow ill stand on a rock. Overlooking the oklahoma hills and face india and send my prayer on the tops of the clouds sending my love and energy to you both. The world seems so big to us. Actually its GOD that is so big. I love you both very much and will be paying for you both. love you forever. Your blogging is wonderful keep it up. Helps me to feel like im there. Just look at the moon and there will be a direct line from india to the people in the states loving you.