Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Hard Day's Night

Yesterday was hard, hard on me and harder on Kim. I'm sure glad its over now, 6:40 am here on the Lord's day. It's hard for me to imagine having had two major surgeries inside of a week but that's what Kim's been through. It took a long time last night before she was comfortable enough to finally get some sleep. It made yesterday about 20 hours long before we both dozed off to sleep around midnight Mumbai time. Fortunately she was comfortable pretty much all night and got some rest.

The downer for me is that when I come east for whatever reason I transform into "a morning person." Most every day here I wake up around 5 am or so. It's downright scary because I am not a morning person! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a night owl. The very first time Daryl and I went to Romania it happened. Daryl became a night owl and I morphed into a morning person. It was like an alternate universe I'm not sure I liked. The good news was when we got back home everything went back to normal. There's always home. Home sounds good.

We'll again be mindful of our family at Lakewood as you gather to worship and praise God. He has certainly heard and answered our prayers so far. Don't stop now though. There's a difficult road ahead but I believe the worst is over. He inhabits our praises whether we're east or west, whether its morning or night, together with 200 or just us two.

Happy 75th Birthday Mum! Sorry we couldn't be there for your party. We were thinking of you.

Megan, thanks for the email and especially the phone call. It was great to hear your voice and to know you are praying for Miss Kim. We love you all. There's the door, hopefully time for breakfast and to make some real coffee.

de & ke

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Bill R. said...

Sounds like it almost time for both of you to put on your red slippers, close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times and say "There's no place like home." I miss you, I'm glad the worst is over too. The prayers will continue till you arrive home safe. Kim, way to go girl!!
Love you both,
Bill R.

Anonymous said...

Kim, with both surgeries behind you, you are half way home. I know that rehab is going to be tough, but you are a persistent person. God will provide your strength. You will both be home soon and will be able to see all 6 of those kids of yours. We are praying for a speedy and 100%, complete, recovery. Much love,

Anonymous said...

I understand about nightowls because I live with one.