Monday, October 06, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

In all my excitement after the Comcast guy came, I spoke too soon. He said all he did was send a refresh signal from my DVR, same on my modem, and everything worked like a champ. We did get to watch the OU/Baylor game, then poof, all services were gone again, just as before. I called and got an Oct 22 appointment date for another tech to come out. Oh well, life without TV really ain't all that bad. I'm kind of getting used to it. There's plenty of other stuff to do, go to bed early, work on the yard or the house. If you need me, my trusty Verizon phone works like it should, so use that one. After all, I do have internet and email at the church office. Always be leary of speaking too soon.


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