Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Contractor coming Monday!

Slowly it goes here on the Gulf Coast. It rained yesterday for the first time since IKE which was a good test of my new roof. We were dry and that's a blessing because most folks still have blue tarps over their roofs. The other good news is that Doug, mister "I can do pretty much everything" from carpentry, sheetrock, electrical, tile, everything is coming to start on the remodeling on Monday, yeah! Doug did our house on Caldwell and the remodeling of the Bay house and I trust him completely and he's reasonable. Now all I need is for the insurance money to come in the next couple of weeks. I hope and pray we'll be able to what we need to do for what they will reimburse us for. We'll see. Right now, I'm estimating that Ike's going to cost us in the neighborhood of $10-15,000 out of pocket. It's already going on $4-5000. I saw on the news that most homeowners could expect to get 45% of what their costs actually would be. That seems to be right on track so far. Not sure where its going to come from but, we're much better off than a lot of folks so I'm not complaining too much. One bit of advice, pull out your homeowners, find out your deductible, 1%, 2%, $2500, $10000, just make sure what's covered and not, and read the fine print. We all pay out the wazoo for the policies but when it comes time for the insurance to pay us, they don't pay it back, unless your "really covered well." Take time to read it well. You just might need it sometime. That's the latest from the Gulf Coast.


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