Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feel the Excitement

I haven't really had the time nor the energy to put into this year's political process. Been busy with other stuff. I've been a registered republican pretty much all my voting life and continue to be so. I'd have to admit I'm less than thrilled over the choices this time. Since this is my personal blog I'll tell you, I think Obama is the closest thing to a socialist the Democrats have ever put forth and that concerns me. I think his meaning of "change" actually means big, bigger, more expensive government, and more and more taxes and regulation. It certainly seems plain that in some arenas, mainly the financial sector, we've needed someone to penalize the greedy folks who made billions in selling subprime mortgages to folks that couldn't afford them and then resold them as great investments. Not everybody bought though. It seems that Bank of America bowed out of that arena early on and now is on top of the banking world and a good stake of Wall St. 60 minutes did a segment on BofA this week, pretty fascinating stuff.

I guess the lesser of two evils is McCain although the excitement level for his campaign is about like this picture I saw today. Enjoy! And be sure to vote early and vote often! lol


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