Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some New Pics of Goa

Not much new and exciting to report today. While there is a lot to see and do the reason we're here is to continue Kim's physical therapy. That makes me the bad guy some of the time. Jane reports that Brad Wims has called them "physical terrorists" living proof that no pain, no gain is the reality when it comes to therapy. Our instructions, yes they have pictures for me, include about 6-8 exercises which she is supposed to do hourly, then another set we add and do three times a day. It doesn't really leave a lot of time for siteseeing and such, maybe next time.
We did get a car today for about an hour and half and have him drive us to see Panaji, the main city near here. We had him stop while Kim stayed in the car so I could snap a few photos. The city was first discovered, inhabited, and ruled by the Portuguese about the same time Columbus came to America. They ruled for more than 450 years. A good bit of the old architechture still exists and they are trying to slowly save it and restore it.
Here's a few pics of Goa and a couple of others. Counting the days now.
de & ke

Local book store............overlooking the city
Downtown church

city street, temple on the hill and from behind

More local street scenes

Bombay High Court Building

Outside this morning.
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved seeing the pictures from the party. It was so grand to see Kim all dressed up and having fun. She is so beautiful and deserves this freedom to enjoy fun activities without hurting. We should see you soon after you get home...We will be at the baby dedication day in Baytown.

We continue to pray for your safe return. Russell Hilliard called to check on you today. We had a great visit. Love ya! D & D Graves

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Disney World! Goofy said to tell you "hi" David! It was an awesome sight to see Brad walk in Thursday morning, so those "physical terrorists" have done their job. Keep up the good work, Kim, so you can have a similar celebration one day in the near future.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Kim and Dave,
Seems like a long time youve been there. Miss the chats. I cant wait to know you are home and settled in. I bet Frazier will totally go nuts. I know he misses you both. Its so good to hear how good Kim is doing. God is so good. Love you both The rest of us will be glad your home too was just petting my pups thinking about Frazier. Love you both

Anonymous said...

celebrate tonite brother
going to dance in the streets

D & B said...

Don't be too hard on poor girl...she needs some R & R too! Take care, glad to see y'all up and moving. Keeping you in our prayers, Bubba & Dorothy