Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Reeling

I have to admit we're still in somewhat of a state of shock over Ike. As of last nights report from Jared we still don't have power but we do have a "red flag" on our power pole. I guess that's some progress. Jared says there was a centerpoint truck outside right by our house so that's good. We owe Jre a big one for letting us bug out and come to St Thomas while he stayed home to watch over things. By the way we got to St Thomas and it rained pretty much for two days. There was a "low pressure distubance" just to the west of here over Puerto Rico and it just stayed and stayed. We even started off the day yesterday with another round of heavy rain but by noon or so the sun came out for a few hours. Sure was nice. Spent most of the day on the island of St John and beached for awhile on Trunk Bay beach. Where was I, must've got lost.

It's hard not to spend a good bit of time thinking about what's going on back at home, when we'll get a roof, when we can start to rebuild the living area of our house. The good news is that the insurance adjuster came yesterday. The bad news is that he can't really finish his work until the power comes back on. We have to wait and check out all the stuff that works via electricity, the AC units, the stove, the alarm system, etc. Needless to say it got wet in our house. Mostly everything that got wet is just stuff, stuff that can be replaced. The church building got power back last night sometime. Two the buildings suffered a good bit of roof damage and then much like our house, got lots of rainwater inside. It'll be awhile before we get back to a full regular schedule of classes and such. We probably didn't do as much there as quickly as we might have because everyone was so focused on their own property, their own mess, just trying to survive with the aftermath of such a storm.

That's all for now. Its early and the coffees on. I think I need some.


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heather said...

Hope the sun sticks around for you guys. The water looks amazing!!

BBrods said...

Did I tell you Trunk Bay was beautiful!!!! If we had cruised this week, we would have been there today. What a hoot it would have been to throw our beach towel next to yours! We go way down to the right - as far as you can go. Paul loves to read up under one of the trees and I snorkel, snorkel, snorkel. It's just paradise and I can't wait to be there in two weeks. Last time we were there, we saw a really big gila monster. Hope you saw him, too! Enjoy! Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you all are getting some good R&R. I was worried about the low pressure disturbance. Glad to hear it's moved out.
Paul and I are still working from home. I stop by the office daily and check mail and such. It was good to see the LED sign up and running yesterday. Our parking lot is being used by lots of power company trucks!!
Enjoy the rest of your stay & Let me know when you get back home. Darla

Kami said...

coffee. sun. man what's that like? LOVE YOU