Monday, March 27, 2006

Musings From Melbourne

It's impossible to describe all the things I want to blog about from Melbourne. Computer time is limited so I'll just throw a bunch of things in and hope to say more about them later. We arrived at Melbourne and met our hosts, Nairn & Shane. They picked us up and took us to for a jaunt around downtown Melbourne and the throngs of people who were there for the Commonwealth Games. It reminded me of the Olympics in Atlanta. We didn't stay too long before we headed to our place of abode for the next week. Did some much needed laundry and hung them outside on the line to dry. Hadn't done that in many years but thats the way they do things here. Early the next morning we headed out for the Great Ocean Road along south eastern Australia. Through Melbourne headed south thru Torquay where we officially got on the road. I neglected to mention we arrived in Vegitarianville. Yep, they're both veggies, Nairn being a vegan. Makes for a total different view of many things.

Some things I've learned on the way. Chips are either hot or cold. Hot chips are french fries and cold chips are cold, out of the bag. Hamburgers are sometimes made from ham not beef. Hamburgers, whatever kind you get come with beetroot on them. That's right beets. Interesting. It's also common to get them with a fried egg and bacon as well. Breakfast and lunch all on the same bun. One hamburger I ate on the road was a hamburger with "the lot." That means everything on it, and I mean everything, beetroot, ham, bacon, egg, grilled onions, tomato, (that tomato with a long a). There's no ketchup here just tomato and its a dollar extra. By the way when you get fish and chips they always ask if you want salt on them.

We got some ways down the GOR and we ran out of money so what do you do? Stop by the local ATM, put in your card, punch in your pin, and out comes the money. Thousands of miles from my local bank and it works just the same, pretty amazing. I've driven on the left side of the road but it took on a new meaning here in Australia. It's weird, that's all I can say for now.

The sites along the Road were nothing short of amazing, fantastic, and awe inspiring. It took us every bit of both days to quickly see just some of what there was to see. The road runs along hills and cliffs, full of lighthouses, rainforests, beaches, and so much more. We saw koalas and kangaroos in the wild. We took a helicopter ride to view the 12 apostles. The world championships of surfing takes place at Bell's beach along the Great Ocean Road Easter weekend. We stopped, took a look, and they're already getting set up for it. We stayed the night along the road at amazing retreat center on top of a mountain overlooking Apollo Bay. A baby red fox walked right by our door as we were getting ready for bed.

It's certainly down under here. Everything's backwards. They drive on the left. If the wind is out of the north that means warm weather, out of the south means cold. The water drains down the sink and toilet opposite of where we come from in the northern half of the globe. You can order your food to eat in or "take away." TV here is very American. The most popular shows are Desperate Housewives, CSI, Dancing with the Stars, and most American shows. You need a flashlight, ask for a torch.

The bride worked today, that's why we came. They had 100 or so at the training. One of our hosts friends is a chef and he fixed us an amazing dinner tonight. (not vegan). It was pumpkin soup with garlic toast, roasted veggies, an aspargus, green beans, cashews, greens and red peppers mix. Oh yeah, with two flavors of lamb. Not to mention, roasted tomaatoes with a kind of a fresh salsa he mixed up and roasted mushrooms tops with a garlic herb butter. Unbelieveable. And chocolate souffle for dessert. So much for dropping any stones while I'm here.

Well, its late now and everybody's in bed cept for me. Only time I could get the computer to myself. Got some pics but haven't got them ready for the blog yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Think maybe I'll have some creamed beetroot spread on some breadcrisps before I head to the bed. Yes, you read right, creamed beets on a cracker. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow. Hoping to go fishing with the chef on Wednesday.

It's a one of kind, kinda place here down under. God did something special here and we're blessed to have seen just a bit of it. Hope to blog more soon. Thanks for reading and keeping us in your prayers.

love from d & k


Spruce said...

Oh, man, bring some leftovers back from the chef. I''m sure they'll keep. Have a great rest of the trip.

david said...

Ate it all man! It wouldn't keep anyway. Keep up the great work man.

Aaron said...

I could do a burger with a fried egg and some bacon. Ill pass on the beet root though.