Monday, December 12, 2005

Brief Blog Funk

Been busy, busy lately. Still in somewhat of a blog funk. Nothing really to say except, "how bout them Texans." That's pretty much all that can be said, more than what needs to be said, except, "you're fired." Maybe that's today or maybe I'm daydreaming.

Did have a fair day running this past week. Did the Jingle bell run yesterday in downtown H-town. 5 miler with abouy 5000 other people, many of whom were families doing the 3 mile family walk. Still working on how and when to eat and what. Preached, then went to Carino's where I had minestone soup and shared a spicy shrimp and chicken with the youngest of the fam. Tried not to eat too much. Maybe I had too much. Not bad tho. Still haven't found out my exact "chip" time but looked like I was a bit over 55 minutes for 5 miles. Not too bad. Didn't feel great but pretty good. It was 65 degrees downtown. Didn't really warm up good for almost three miles. Walked several times when I felt the legs tiring then jogged when recovered after 15-30 seconds. Overall, pretty happy with that. Felt good at the end.

Going out of town today for the rest of the week. Have to work hard to get in my normal or maybe it'll be easier. Maybe I'll get to jog past all the monuments in DC this week.

Praying for decent weather,

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Aaron said...

Yall have fun in Baltimore. And you should be proud of 11 min./mile.