Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quiet Lately

I was going to say it was an ordinary week, but one might assume that its quiet or that there's nothing going on. I guess thats really opposite the truth. We continue to do construction on the building that was damaged during Ike. We ran into a bit of a snafu that has delayed our completion of the blue room for another couple of weeks. I may be able to tell you about that later. The rest of the building is pretty much done, all the classrooms are ready to be occupied, some already are the rest should be starting this week or the next. We've been without a regular slate of kids classes for some time. We started a makeshift lineup of classes several weeks ago but not in our regular classrooms. I know everyone is excited about having our building back.

The Lakewood Talent Show is this evening. We had our first one last year and it was a lot of fun. It will be the debut of our newly formed, Lakewood Praise team. With the go ahead from the elders, we've been practicing weekly for about 6 weeks. We'll sing a couple of songs at the close of the talent show. We sing live in the worship for the first time tomorrow. We are all excited about the opportunity to help make our singing the best possible. We'll not be standing in front but seated in the audience. Lord willing we'll not even really be noticed but if you are listening to hear your part, you'll be able to hear it better over the speakers.

Jared and I attended the Rockets/Blazers game last night and had a great time. The Rockets won. It was an ugly win, but any win is exciting. Nothing quite like the energy of a playoff game or Bowl game or something like that. The only down side was that pesky 20% chance of rain we had, on the way to the game, walking into the game (pouring), after the game on the way to my truck, and all the way home. I think it rained at least another hour after we got home. It was the wettest 20% chance I've ever seen but...we really needed it even though it rained 10 inches last Saturday, the wind came up right after and blew for days and quickly dried it out.

I'm sure there's more but I gotta go home now and get ready for the Talent Show.

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