Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Modem Wars Week!

Usually after Easter/LTC things kind of let down a little. Time to take it slow, relax and recover from all the busyness. Then on Monday night, who knows what time, Jared shows up in my bedroom, flashlight in hand, to inform me, "the power is out." He apparently calls the problem in and by the time I'm up, everything seems normal. Ah yes, the proverbial seems normal, except for the internet. It seems to be working....but extreeeemmmeeellllllyyyy slow. So I attack the problem for a few moments in between the office and my elders meeting. Ok, power down and reset everything, you've done this dozens of times before....and that a word? Well, it wasn't whalla, it didn't work. Call Comcast...get them to do a reset and no whalla but at least the phones working again. More trys after my meeting and the phone works and the internet works when plugged directly into my computer but no wireless router which gives internet to the brides laptop and Jareds room.

So Tuesday, I go at it again, same stuff, no router. It must be the its USR support time. Oh the computer and the router for some reason are conflicting and are trying to use the same IP address...time to reset...power everything down....and Comcast for a reset...and no whalla...nada.

Well, I could go on. It's Thursday now...I even have a new Comcast modem at home...installed by tech...who declared it was my router...all is well with the modem...except for a few more hours on the phone with USR and resetting the IP addresses and all. Now...I've got no internet at all...not even when its plugged up directly to my now says it must be my get it I trump with Kim's laptop...oh now it must be my ethernet cables...or both computers....Somebody shoot me please.

This morning a friend at church says a comcast tech told him..."they are at war with their modems." too. Not sure what the outcome will be. Still don't have the net at home. It's amazing how dependent we are on that thing. Sorry to vent my frustration but I've spent hours and I'm worse off than I was when I started. On top of that I might have to miss dinner with some dear friends cause I'm waiting on another CC tech to show sometime on Friday.

So...I'm taking office time to blog...and vent...and hope the modem wars end I can keep my sanity....yeah, yeah, I can hear your comments now...are you sure you were sane to begin with...well no...but it shouldn't be this hard. The modems are winning!!

Go Rockets,

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