Thursday, October 01, 2009

This Just IN!!

Spanking Lead to Lower IQ's

A story that was all over the papes and on the web this week reveals a recent study that says kids who get spanked have on average a 5 point loss on the IQ scale. "The more the spanking, the lower the IQ." I tried to imagine just what my IQ might have been prior to my later childhood days. I was surely a raving genius at some point early in life, a potential MENSA member, and now? (If you don't know what MENSA is you were probably spanked way too much as a child.)

Well now, I suppose I'm just average, but as the good book says, a good bit wiser for the rod (belt, flyswatter, switch, hand) my parents did not spare in those days. Surely it saved my soul from hell as well as some awful evil I might have thought up or done, all because I was bored because of my staggeringly high IQ at the time.

You absolutely have to love research and all it reveals. I say however.... Spank on parents... just enough to keep em from thinking they know everything...which all kids do at some point...but not so much so that you end up beating the smart sense right out of em and make em angry. It's a tough balance huh? Yep. Such is life. Glad I don't have to spank those grandsons of mine...who are still both geniuses in their own right. (Nothing like a unbiased view huh?)

Thanks mom & dad for spanking me....just enough.


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