Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots On the Brain Lately

My brain is running on overload lately. Some of it is not really all that important as life goes, the Rockets playing Jekll and Hyde, hopefully is not Hyde again Thursday. Which Astros team to expect the next day. Will anyone really ever beat the Celtics. Does God really prefer Boston all that much. As I said, not really of that much importance.

Our church building is getting ever so close to being finished after hurricane Ike, just about in time for hurricane season to start again. Whoohoo, we all can't wait for another season. Lord willing, I'll never see another one like it, ever. Yes, its been a long haul. Yes, we have some incredibly talented and persistent folks who keep at it to get it all done. I still have trouble getting motivated to really get my yard back in shape after all that. I'll just keep plugging along on it.

Headed to my original hometown Duncan, Ok, this weekend to help my dad celebrate his 80th birthday. What a blessing that is for all of us to have him still with us. There were a couple of occasions recently during our elder selection process that I was ever so grateful to have him on the other end of the phone to talk to and bounce some things off of him regarding the process. He spent years and years as an elder and I valued beyond words his counsel. Happy Birthday dad. I love you.

Oh yeah, we have new elders. We have some who were given the high approval they felt they needed from the congregation and some who were just short of that. I think daily about both groups and their future impact on the family here at Lakewood. Lord willing we'll make an annnoucement soon as to who they are. Oh yeah, gonna have a new grandson in 37 days. Oh yeah, this past Sunday was the day my family planted ourselves officially at this congregation 20 years ago. Wow, some days it seems as it were yesterday, well, you know the other side too. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. It's a lot on the brain lately.


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