Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back from the Weekend!

Boy it was a busy weekend in the Efam. Friday morning I headed north to Forney where Kami had landed on Thursday. Spent a few hours with my favorite grandson and his parents and headed to DFW to pick up the bride on her way back from Florida. She finished her first full 5 day week in...well I can't remember when she had a full five day week. She was pooped but excited to be going to see Noah. We got up on Saturday, waited for the girls to go to a baby shower for Allison, loaded my girls and Noah in the car and headed for Duncantown.

There we spent Saturday and most of Sunday seeing family, my parents, my sisters, and their kids and related others, too many to mention. Everyone was together at worship Sunday morning for my dad's 80th birthday, day. Actually its, today but mum decided Sunday would be the day to have the party. We all went back to the house for lunch, some time together there, and then back to the church building at four for an awesome reception for my dad, put together by my sisters and mum. They have Sunday evening services at 5 so it made it convenient for folks to come by and wish his happy birthday and a ton of people did. It was a lot of fun.

Aaron, Kami, & Noah then headed back south to Forney, closely followed by Kim and myself to spend the night Sunday night and then drove back to H-town, with Kami, on Monday. Lord willing we'll spend a few days in Galveston later this week, just winding down some. Maybe I can post some pics of our trip, our grandson or my dad's party. Thanks for wishing him well. We are blessed to have him still with us and celebrated it so.


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heather said...

It was great to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip, reunion and celebration. Glad you and your family were able to go. I am sure you were also glad to be able to bring Kami home for a visit. patg

Bobbie B said...