Monday, December 22, 2008

200th Post...29th Anniversary

Congratulations to me...or maybe a medal to my bride...or probably thanks be to God. NO, not because I reached my 200th post on blogspot, although that is an accomplishment. It probably seems like nothing to those who have been doing it a long time but to me...200 is a milestone. A milestone of rambling you say...I heard that but yeah, that is pretty much what it is most days. A much bigger more important day is that today is the bride and I's 29th anniversary...for's the day. Way back in the day...the late 70's...79 to be exact...on the 22nd of December we got married in Muskogee OK, folks rejoiced (they'd gotten a terrific daughter in law who might be able to straighten me up some)...Kim's folks mourned, (for just the opposite reason) but that's another blog. It was certainly memorable. Friends and family gathered, I sang, Kim walked down the aisle and my dad performed the ceremony. Nice job dad, it stuck! We headed south after the ceremony and stayed the night in Okmulgee at the Hiway Lodge, thanks to my father-in-law. No, we weren't headed for the airport and Hawaii but to Dallas where we stayed with some of my sisters relatives for a couple of days for our honeymoon. Then back through Duncan, more "family" vacations, back to OKC to pickup some of my stuff, and finally back to Muskogee. Sorry, honey. The economy was suffering. I had no job yet in Muskogee. Kim did have a teaching job. It was one cold winter as I recall. But...we had each other and thank the Lord above, we still do. Congrats for putting up with me for 29 years. Here's to another 29 or at a time.

Happy Anniversary baby, got you on my mind!
Happy Anniversary baby, got you on my mind!


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Candace said...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. El! You guys have done a great job thus far... keep on truckin'! You are a great inspiration for young couples like us!

-Candace & Manuel Razo

BBrods said...

Happy Anny!