Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow, Busy Week!

Things are moving right along at the Ellis' household. It would probably go faster on our remodeling if we stayed home on the weekend and did all we could do. Instead we attend the Sterling HS football game, the A&M/OU game, and unfortunately, the Texans game. Two of 3 ain't bad though. This is our 3rd house remodel in about 5 years. We did the house on Honeysuckle less than a year before we bought the house on the bay and did that one. (We didn't know we were moving when we did)

Now with the help of hurricane Ike, we get to do this one again. I say we, as if we are actually doing the work. I have been helping, which I really like to do as much as I can. Jared, I, and some others tore out all the stuff that needed to be removed. That was big and nasty. We helped to put in insulation, sheetrock, finish, and texture the sheetrock. Kim and I have done all the painting. That's certainly only a portion of what goes on but hopefully it saves us some funds and moves things along a bit faster so Doug, our friend and contractor, can concentrate on carpentry, which he does best. I like doing the painting and consider myself an excellent painter. I had a summer job once working for a local contractor and we did a lot of painting that summer. Always been pretty good with my hands. Looks like we may start on the floor tomorrow or the next day. Inside work, that's all that's left. We have to replace about 400 sq ft of pergo and some of the slate tile that got messed up. Then we'll go outside to replace some siding. Moving right along and we'll be glad.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a very exciting announcement!


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