Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another First - A 100th Birthday Party

My family and I get to enjoy another first this weekend. We begin traveling today, most of us, to Muskogee to attend a 100th birthday party for one of the sweetest ladies to ever walk the planet, Ruth. I first met Ruth not too long after I first met Kim's family. Although technically she's not a part of Kim's family, in reality she has been for many, many years. Kim's parents first met Ruth when they moved to Muskogee right after they were married. That was more than 60 years ago now. If I have the story right they rented a small place from Ruth and her husband and well the rest is history. Ruth introduced them to the Lord and the church. Kim's dad went on to serve as elder for many years. When my bride was born Ruth was there. When my daughter was born, Ruth was there and we gave her Ruth's middle name. When our first son was born, Ruth was there. She's Kims 3rd grandma but holds a place as dear as any blood family. She's been loving me and sharing with my family from the day we met. She's a person of beauty, wisdom, grace, and love. What a privilege it will be to celebrate such an occasion with her and all who know her. I don't think she thought, nor did we, that she would make 100 years but the Lord keeps her here. She embodies everything I think a "saint" should be. She won't read this I'm sure but thought you might want to know how blessed we have been to have Ruth in our lives. Happy Birthday Ruth. And many more........


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Bobbie B said...

If we only take the time to listen, it's amazing what we can learn from our elders. What a blessing they can be and I'm glad that you've had this special lady in your lives all these years. Be safe.