Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thought I'd take a few lines to fill you loyal readers (both of you) in on some things you probably already know. Our oldest Kami, living in Cooperstown, NY, is still there, freezing her you know what this time of the year. Once in awhile she sends me a pic message with either massive amounts of snow or the temp from the weather channel of like -10 degrees or something. Honestly, even though we miss her and James being closer, we couldn't be prouder of them. He's doing a fantastic work at the Baseball Hall of Fame under what has been difficult circumstances as of late. She's a nanny, a very good one I'm sure, and is taking more and more photos and getting better all the time. If you haven't checked out her blog and some of her pics you can do so with the link on the sidebar here. Not to mention her hub is preaching full-time at the church there in C-town. It's a real mission point for sure and I know they work hard in that respect to help build up the church there.

The middle one Aaron, Allison, and grandson Noah live in Garland. Aaron's working at an outfit called Dental One. People ask me what he does and I'm honestly not sure I can tell you. He started in marketing, went to payroll, and been promoted to a new job in January. I'm fairly certain he's in charge of a bunch of Dental practices in Colorado, one of the company's most produtive areas. The exciting news for them is that they are waiting to close on a house they are trying to buy in Forney, Tx. Lord willing by next weekend they may close. It's not "ready to move in" yet so they need to repair a few minor things, paint, and replace some flooring but, its only 5 years old and a really nice house in a new subdivision. We couldn't be more excited for them. I don't think they expected to buy this soon, but hey, its a buyers market and the thing just opened up for them. You can also check out Allison's blog on the sidebar for updates on their family.

The youngest Jared is taking a temporary hiatus from ACU and has just begun training at Best Buy. It's really one of the few spots he's always wanted to work, selling electronix, videos, big screens and the like. He's had a rough past couple of weeks with the death of a very close friend and most recently strep-throat. But he's recouping now, will finish he training phase soon at BB and get the coveted BB blue shirt. If anybody could enjoy that kind of work and do really well at it, its Jared. He's a great people person and is really into the latest technology.

Well, that's a brief update on the kids. We rite proud of them all and how they are doing.

Cya, de
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