Monday, June 29, 2009

Post Time!

Haven't really felt that much like posting lately. It's been hot and hectic here in H-town. Last year we had a 25 year hurricane, ya'll remember hearing about hurricane Ike, right? That was the one that may have caused more damage than Katrina but went suddenly left the airways after 3 days. Oh yeah, now I recall, that was the one. Once in hopefully 25 years or longer will we ever experience that kind of thing again. Truth be told I'll be good if I never go through that again, ever. In lots of ways we're still recovering from that storm and lots of folks in our area will never be the same. In my afternoon walks, I take S Burnet drive all the way to the end and the bay. It takes me about 5 minutes to reach the part of the street where homes once were before Ike. The majority were damaged beyond repair and demolished. A number were gutted to the studs and the roof and rebuilt. Several new homes, all on tall stilts are beginning to be rebuilt. It's slow but its coming back.

Now we're in the midst of a 29 year spell of heat and drought. Not since 1980 has the Gulf Coast and this area seen the kind of heat and dry we've got now. It just so happens we planned a door knocking campaign in our area. Yep, that's right, every afternoon since Thursday about 20 of us head out to knock doors and tell people about our "Prayer Works" campaign. We're working in Mt Belvieu, about 10 miles to our east where there's no mainline church of Christ. There's a couple of small ones but nothing really to serve the numbers of folks that live out that way. This is Texas so there's lots of Baptists and they are going great guns. The other truth be told is that many who likely grew up CofC and moved out to that area now attend a Baptist church because its more convenient. But that's another blog maybe.

So, we've been out, introducing ourselves to folks, asking them if we can pray with them and for their needs. The response has been good. Of course, lots of folks are not home, some don't answer the door, some don't need prayer (right), some declare their faith to us, and some are open, honest, and tell of their hurts and needs. There's lot of hurt and fear out there right now, with jobs, families, children, multiple marriages, know. But sometimes we forget.
A couple of folks wanted to study the bible with us, yes! Those are ongoing.

I know, I know, you thought the days of door knocking were over. And for some folks they are over with. Some of us are too afraid, still. But "perfect love drives out fear" the book says. And when you go to a home and someone comes to the door, hurting about job, family, health, whatever and they say they've been living there for two years and you're the first person to come to their door and ask to help by praying...well its worthwhile. Or when you go to the door and the couple says, "we were planning to be at your church on Sunday," and they actually come...thats exciting. Or when a young lady answers the door and quickly begins to share her concerns and fears and says..."please pray" and by the time you leave, she's know that God sent you to that door, to that young lady, that day.

Yeah, its hot, really, really hot...but that hasn't stopped us. Three more days to go. I know the Lord will bless us by hopefully being a blessing to those behind those doors. We're planting seeds, not likely watering yet, its too hot...but the rain will come...and God will give the increase. He always does.


We prayed last evening for over 100 different prayer requests given to us by Mt Bel folks.

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