Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging Goes All Over the Place

Most blogs I read tend to have one particular flavor or direction. I think you get my meaning...its all Astros...or politics...or religion...or family stuff. Certainly not to dismiss the validity or importance of any of those...from time to time I'll cover most any of them. But me, I like to venture out and about and go different directions...sometimes sharing my humor...other times probably my ignorance.

Today the topic is PC's. I'm really probably considered a novice as I have no formal training but I have been around since the Commodore 64 and Texas Instruments machines...booting from 7 inch floppies and formatting your own hard drives and machines with a whopping 64k of memory...I think...its hard to remember exactly...I think my hard drive is full.

I do like to think that I keep my PC's in pretty good shape and long lasting. Can't recall the last time I had a problem with a virus or much...beside my cable modem several weeks back...but that wasn't my problem...that was Comcast...but I digress.

Came across an article the Worlds Most popular freeware. I use freeware, mostly because its free. I like free...don't you? I currently run numbers 1-6 and number 8 on all my pc's. I'm responsible for several. Check em out...they are all worthwhile.

Only one gotta get em, keep em updated, and run em regular...say once a week. How's that for all over the place? See...keeps me from bragging on my newest grandson.


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