Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks dad.

I'm fairly sure my dad has no clue what he started. This past weekend Kim and I took Kami to Austin to photo her first wedding as the "official photographer." Boy did she work hard, so hard I'm sure that if we weren't there she would've totally neglected herself. The whole time she was working I was taking her water and feeding her tidbits from the food already out. Shh! don't tell anyone. The videographer asked me how many weddings she'd done before and I informed him, this is her 1st! He then replied, "well let me tell you something, I've been doing this for over 25 years and I can tell you, she's got a fantastic eye for good photos and she works as hard as anyone I've ever seen. She'll do great as a photographer. It made me proud. She took over 1100 photos in just a few hours.

Back to my dad. I'm not ever sure how many of the grandkids know that he started as a photographer in the newspaper business, back in Abilene, back in the day as my kids would say. I'd have to confirm the year but somewhere around 1948 he was taking pictures for the Reporter News when one of his photos made national news, a photo of some awesome looking clouds in West Texas. They can see some amazing, even scary stuff out there. Anyway, that was his start, taking pictures.

Now Kami's an aspiring professional photographer. Not sure when you make the official transition or maybe she already has. I read Heather's blog and know how big a picture bug she is, and Blaine, and Jared. They not only just enjoy taking pictures, they aspire to be better, to take great photos, to experiment, to "see and capture life through the photographers lens." And of course surely one of my favorite photo and video stops is Allisons blog cause there's pictures of my favorite grandson.

Thanks dad, you may not have known it but you passed along something really terrific.


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heather said...

Amen to that!! Its all in the genes. =)